Golf Club Sharpener Cleaning Tool - Retail Second
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Golf Club Sharpener Cleaning Tool

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  • Must-have diamond reel – the perfect choice to improve back rotation and ball control like a professional. Both V and U (square) notches can achieve excellent results. Convenient, easy to use and carry. It is convenient to readjust the club without any trouble.
  • Retractable GOLF brass: When on the fairway, the bristles can quickly and effectively clean the iron, which is conducive to stubborn dirt and dirt in the groove (with a plastic cover).
  • GOLF BAG is durable-the brush is made of extremely durable plastic handles, nylon bristles and aluminum hooks. Groove sharpening tools are made of advanced precision tools, vacuum heat-treated steel, durable and effective.
  • Practical accessories for GOLF BAG-light and portable tools, you can bring this grooved pencil to all your golf classes.
  • IMPROVE BALL CONTROL - cleaning and re-shaping your clubs grooves will improve your ball control and increase the amount of backspin you impart on the golf ball. Re-grooving your clubs helps prolong their life.
Color: Blue, Purple, White
Size: 20, 24
Material: 100% Polyester


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